Monday, July 28, 2014

Tales From Camp: Very Special Guests

Hi everyone,

We had a blast last week at Camp Menzies. Last session was Two of Us, where parents came with their campers to enjoy the camp experience together. For a lot of the girls, it was their first time at camp. They got to experience some great activities, such as Australian football, soccer, making dream catchers, bracelet making, wood burning, painting, and more! Sounds like fun, right?

More fantastic groups last week included Wonders of Water, Leaders in Action, Horse Lovers, S’mores and More, Talent Scout, Secret Garden, Special Agent, Camp Olympics, and Pixie Painters.

We also still had our Under Construction Girl Scouts. Did you see them on the news? Good Day Sacramento did a segment on our Under Construction program last Thursday, and CBS 13 aired a special segment about the importance of STEM and camp last night. Watch it here. We offer many STEM programs here at camp--the girls love it! And it was very exciting to have the news station at camp filming about this important topic.

Wednesday night we had our All Camp event. It was super fun! The Camper Council voted on a counselor fashion show. Counselors dressed up in silly outfits and walked our dining hall runway. Afterwards there were stations where the girls could get their hair braided, nails painted and where they could make jewelry. Of course we also had a dance floor! Thursday night we had our closing campfire. The weeks go by so fast up here at camp, but you know what they say... time flies when you're having fun.

A special thank you to the parents who joined us last week for Two of Us, as well as Good Day's Cambi Brown and Scott--we loved having you at camp!

Today we welcomed a new group of campers. Welcome to camp, Girl Scouts!

Until next time,

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tales From Camp: Camper Creativity

Hi everyone,

Today we welcome Two of Us, CITs and Under Construction. These three sessions are really special. Two of Us is a session where we have parents come with their campers… super fun! CITs are our counselors-in-training, and Under Construction helps out with actual construction going on this session in Cedar Woods, an upper unit of camp.

Last week we had sessions 7 and 8, an awesome session packed with various activities--including a lot of creativity. One of the groups, Mad About Murals, made the new Camp Menzies welcome mural. It turned out great!

For the All Camp event we had a camp prom. I took a lot of photos that are all on the eCamp website (parents, you should have access to it). There was some photobombing happening, did anyone see it? Way to go, Natalie! #teamphotobomb

We also created a timeline at the All Camp event. We had paper across several tables with different time blocks on each paper. According to the timeline the campers drew, Camp Menzies was created in the dinosaur age… love it! The timeline had some other great moments, too. Our campers are so creative!

Until next time,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Tales From Camp: Creative and Adventurous

Hello, hello!

Thank you session 5 for a fun week at camp. Session 6 gets to stay with us a little longer and today we welcome session 7.

So many exciting things have been going on! We have Take Aim, Summer Stock, Eco-Fashionistas, World Travelers, Leaders in Action, Mystery Makers, Horse Lovers, Camp ‘n’ Canoe, Survivor, Mad About Murals and Geoventures.

 “This week in Eco-Fashionistas we had a great time thrift shopping. We all found awesome clothes that we are going to upcycle. I can’t wait for the fashion show! Also, the theme meal was ‘backwards’, and the all-camp event was marshmallow paintball. It was a great week!”
-Amber, age 11 (12th time at camp!)

The fashion show ended up being great. Good job upcycling the clothes, girls!

Camp ‘n’ Canoe left on their canoeing trip. Survivor will leave today; they have completed first aid training. Geoventures also got to do some adventurous trips—Natural Bridges and rock climbing at Bear Valley. 

Take Aim girls got to test their skills at Archery, but also spent time making bows and creating targets. Summer Stock saw a play and got to perform at campfire—it was so fun. World Travelers and Leaders in Action played international games and made passports.  Our Mystery Makers got to work on several mysteries which included using invisible ink, fingerprints and wood burning.

Session 7, welcome! Looking forward to a great session with you all.

Until next time,


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tales From Camp: Camp Prom, Master Chefs, and More

Hello all!

Another great session at Camp Menzies. On Monday we welcomed our session 4 girls. This session we had Forest Friends, Sierra Safari, Camp Quest, Sky’s the Limit, and Horse Lovers. Of course we still had our Movie Makers, Master Chefs, Dare To Do It, and Arts Alive girls here at camp as well. 

The Movie Makers worked on rehearsing and filming their scenes. Then Bones helped them with editing the movie. They showed the movie to the session 3 girls during a screening, and it turned out great! It was creative and really funny.

On Tuesday we had our All Camp event. This time Camper Council decided on a Camp Prom. The Dining Hall was decorated and staff was nominated for Staff Prom Queen and King, the CITs were nominated for Camp Princess. Everyone got really creative and dressed up in crazy outfits. It was a great dance party with face painting, friendship bracelets, cookies and fruit punch.

Sky’s the Limit and Camp Quest both went on a trip to White Pines where they got to hang out for the afternoon and swim. It’s been really warm up here so the girls really loved it.

Our Master Chefs have been busy cooking and baking with the kitchen staff, they’ve helped make dessert and snacks. They also did other activities with a little food twist. For example: They learned about the different phases of the moon using cookies. Fun and tasty!

For our session 4 girls it was a short session, but they really enjoyed it. Their days were filled with doing archery, swimming, canoeing, nature activities, and arts ‘n’ crafts. A lot of the groups also did badge and journey work. The Forest Friends even got two badges: Dancer badge and the Game Maker badge. Great job, girls!

Camp has been a great experience for the girls. Sarah “Bucky” from Movie Makers explained the magic of camp: “It is just a great place and there is so much to do, so many fun activities. Some girls get homesick sometimes but because of all the great activities they forget about it right away and at the end they don’t want to go home. It’s camp magic.”

Last night was our closing campfire. Today all the girls, both session 3 and 4, are going home. It has been amazing having you all at camp and we hope to see you again next year.

Have a great 4th of July weekend, everyone!

Until next time,

Friday, June 27, 2014

Tales From Camp: Activities and Special Visitors

Hi everyone,

Rapunzel here. Welcome to sessions 2 and 3! Our session 2 campers arrived on Monday and session 3 on Wednesday. We have some great programs going on again with awesome activities.

There were a lot of trips outside of Camp Menzies with these sessions. Aqua Explorers went creek stomping at Big Trees and kayaking at Arnold. Dare To Do It went zip lining and wild water rafting! Running Wild went on a hike at Big Trees, and Beads, Jewels and Rhinestones went to a neat bead store in town.

There were also many fun activities happening back at camp. Menzies Mountain Riders and Horse Lovers got to feed the horses, went horseback riding and did a ground lesson. They also made cowgirl hats. Savvy Sleuths created a mystery which involved both C.I.Ts and staff. They also got to do a scavenger hunt. Our nature-loving girls in the Naturalist program went bug hunting and did hot air experiments. And the Menzies Master Chefs were busy helping our kitchen manager Measuring Cup!

Of course all the groups get to visit the nature hut, canoe, swim, do arts ‘n’ crafts, and the older girls also get to do archery. 

Wednesday we had our all camp event, where we had different stations in the meadow where the girls got to get their nails painted and play games. We also had a face painting station. 

When we were all in the meadow the lake got a little visit from some deer! 

Our theme meal followed right after. The dining hall was decorated with blue and white balloons for our #underthesea theme. All the tables had paper and paint and the girls got to be creative during dinnertime.

Last night was closing campfire for session 2 and Game Show Night for session 3. This summer has already been packed with outdoor fun and adventure, and it’s awesome seeing the campers enjoy their moments here at Camp Menzies. It’s been a great week!

Until next time,


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Internship Insider: It All Begins

Hey blog readers,

SCHOOL IS OUT! I still can’t believe it! We are finally one grade closer to graduation. Before I get ahead of myself and go off on an anecdote about school, let me introduce myself. I am currently a marketing and communications intern at Girl Scouts Heart of Central California. I just finished tenth grade, I've been a Girl Scout for 10 years, and my passions include dance and sports. I have been on competitive dance teams and multiple sport teams. The sports I play include basketball and golf. I know, I knowgolf, the most awkward sport on planet Earth. Well I actually think it is fun! Okay, on to the more interesting information: the internship.

This year's internship includes 14 dedicated and hard working Girl Scouts that have all come together to work on projects with the council and make Hear&Now, our Girl Scout teen magazine, a success. We have just finished our first couple weeks of meetings and there is so much to do. Get ready, because we have some amazing articles being created right now. We will be creating a "vintage-themed" magazine, connecting Girl Scout’s past to its present. I am really excited!

Through this blog series, you will be getting first hand experiences of what it's like to be an intern and work on projects for GSHCC. You will be meeting all of the other girls working here with me through our video blogs as well. Spread the word and check back soon.

Your Insider Girl,

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tales From Camp: The First Week!

Hi everyone!

This is Rapunzel from Camp Menzies. I am from the Netherlands and one of the international staff here at camp. This summer I’ll be taking a lot of photos at camp and keeping you all updated weekly on the blog. Our first session started on Monday and it has been so much fun! We have a lot of awesome groups: Night Owls, All About Animals, Kickin’ it at Menzies, Comic Artists, Engineers, Space Cadettes, Horse Lovers, Globetrotters, Take Aim, and Star Girls. And our travel group this session left to go to Yosemite on Tuesday.

We’ve also had many great activities happening at camp. On Monday we had a unit campfire and yesterday we had an all-camp campfire. All the counselors got to introduce themselves with funny skits and songs. Stitch and Sunflower were our MCs—they were really funny. At the end of campfire, Bones played her guitar and sang a song.

All the groups participate in activities related to their program. Comic Artists draw cartoons of heroes and villains. Globetrotters were interviewing our international staff for badgework. I also got interviewed. They asked me what I eat in the Netherlands, and that is one of my favorite questions! In the Netherlands, I eat for breakfast and lunch plain white bread with chocolate sprinkles. Whenever I tell people that in America they look at me funny, but it is honestly good. Our sprinkles aren’t really the same as American sprinkles though. :)

Kickin’ it at Menzies played soccer and got to do archery, and a lot of the campers hit the bull’s-eyes. 

The Star Girls had a tea party with the Space Cadettes! It was really fun. The Engineers made bridges out of lollipop sticks and cars out of basic materials. In the afternoon they tested the bridges to see which one was the strongest, and after putting all their materials on the bridges two still survived. They also raced the cars!

Last night was our All Camp Event.  This session the Camper Council decided on a nature-scavengerhunt-carnival@menzies #extravaganza. Awesome, right? It has been great so far and the fun is not over yet.

Until next time,