Monday, May 17, 2010

Saga Shirt

Hey Girl Scouts, I have a brand new design for you, inspired by 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt into Something Special.




Sewing machine and/or and needle and thread*


*Steps involving these tools may need adult assistance. Please check with your parents to make sure it's OK before starting this project. :)

1. Draw a line using tailor’s chalk, a washable marker or plain chalk from the armpit of your shirt to halfway down the sleeve.

2. Repeat on the other sleeve, and cut along the line on both sides, giving you cropped sleeves and tubes of fabric. SAVE THESE SCRAPS

3. Cut around the neckline of your shirt half an inch to an inch all the way around. SAVE THIS STRIP OF FABRIC

4. At this point you should have two tubes from the sleeves and one long thin piece of fabric that you have cut off of your shirt. These will all be important to make your shirt look fabulous!! :)

5. Cut the strip of fabric in half. Fold each of those in half and sew them near the bottom of your shirt. Sew it on straight or add a little design like I did- make it unique!

You can use a machine or sew by hand. I chose to sew by hand to give it a home made look, but either way works just as well.

6. Take a sleeve tube and even out the top using a ruler to make the edges straight. These pieces will be used to make pockets on the bottom of your shirt, so trim the tube to the size you want your pockets to be. The amount of trimming needed depends on the size of the shirt, and your personal preference.

7. Sew the bottom and any trimmed sides together to make a pocket with the top open.

8. Carefully sew the pocket onto the bottom of your shirt UNDER where the strip of fabric is.

9. Do the same for the other sleeve tube and sew under the other strip of fabric on the bottom of your shirt.

10. Cut a small hole in the front of each pocket to pull the strips of fabric through and tie a bow. But make sure it is not too big so your bow will slip through the hole.

11. Clean up any rough edges and your shirt is ready to go!!!

Happy Sewing!! Send me pictures of your creations at

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snow in May?

Who knew it could snow in May, let alone at Camp Menzies!?

Check out these pictures of your favorite hangouts at Menzies with SNOW on the ground!

Make Camp Even MORE Fun!!

Who is excited for camp?!?!??

Would you be even more excited if you could bring your best friend to camp? Well, now you can AND earn a patch doing it!!

I know I always had more fun at camp when I went with friends, and now your non-Girl Scout friends can come to camp for only $12 more (which is just the membership cost). Check out here for more info on the patch. ;D

Summer is almost here, so participate in Spring registration now for all the benefits!!!